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Hetty Pit
Help-Out and Picnic Day 

Friday 2nd June
Great Western Colliery

Citrus are helping out our neighbours at the site of the Great Western Colliery.
We need some people-power to help prepare the Hetty site for long awaited and much needed improvement works. We thought we’d make this a fun community event as well as an opportunity for local people to donate their time to an important local heritage site, so we’d love to see you there.

Come along from 10:30- 16:00 for some mowing, strimming, cleaning and sweeping action. There’ll be refreshments provided for the thirsty workers, and circus fun for any little ones who need entertaining.

Bring outdoor-friendly food to share if you can and we’ll enjoy a community feast at lunch time. Kids are welcome to bring small outdoor toys too; balls, frisbees etc to keep them occupied.

There is a small amount of parking on site for helpers, so we encourage you to car share or walk to site from Hopkinstown. (please use the Hopkinstown side to avoid crossing the busy road).

Great Western Colliery site is on the A4058 opposite the entrance to Barry Siding Country Park.

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