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“Ar Waith Ar Daith

Wales Millennium Centre’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations

In 2015, Citrus were part of the creative team lead by Walk the Plank outdoor arts experts for this huge performance outside the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. James and Bridie acted at Performance Director and Lead Choreographer for this unforgettable show with a massive cast of professional and community performers.  


This project is one of several collaborations with our mentors, Walk the Plank. James began his street theatre journey with them in the 1990s and in the past few years we have been part of a great many celebratory performances including“Elemental Force” at Chatsworth House and “The Return of Colmcille” at Derry/Londonderry Capitol of Culture opening ceremony.


Walk the Plank are leaders in the outdoor arts sector and support a great many artists to become the next generation of practitioners.  For“Ar Waith Ar Daith ”they created the  “Awen” project which offered outdoor arts training for artists across Wales in the lead up to the Wales Millennium Centre finale. We are hoping to  continue the legacy of this work by creating opportunities for Welsh artists to get more involved in the outdoor arts through our own work. 

Ar Waith Ar Daith

Ar Waith Ar Daith

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