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Exceptional Experiences for Everyday People

For over 10 years we have been making highly physical and visual performances that combines circus, theatre and dance, which are performed with our communities and also at events, venues and festivals across the UK. Our home is Pontypridd, in the Rhondda Welsh Valleys, 10 minutes from Cardiff and a lot of our activity happens at our community space, Hopkinstown Hall.


Bridie and James’  training was in physical theatre and circus. We toured for many years and our expertise is about bringing people together through creativity. We are a not-for-profit charity, originally a family run company but now expanding and supporting more local and international artists and participants.


We believe in exceptional experiences for everyday people.


Our Home and our Community

We support our local community through creativity and social experiences at our home at Hopkinstown Hall and in our local communities. We collaborate with brilliant teams of artists and organisations, through creating new original touring productions and commissions.


We aim to create the environments for people to come together and be part of something special. We want to inspire others to take risks, learn and share experiences that strengthen communities. 


Our Events


Citrus Arts, working with local emerging artists, created a community of activity and performance for Beyond the Border storytelling festival in 2021.

Filmmaker Sam Irving has captured this story...

We are passionate about our work and want as many people as possible to benefit from what we do. 

Contemporary circus, dance, and physical theatre are at the heart of our practice. We explore how high production values placed on narrative, music, and visual arts support physical spectacle in original performance. 

Our work has been seen across the UK in urban and rural locations and on a wide variety of scales. From a small performance inside a plane fuselage for an audience of 20 to a large scale televised performance and an audience of 20,000, and anything in between. We work in partnership with a range of organisations and have helped deliver ambitious creative projects with companies like Walk The Plank, National Centre for Circus Arts, Sinfonia Cymru and Wales Millennium Centre. We have delivered projects in association with three of the UK’s National Theatres (London's Southbank, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru & National Theatre Wales) and held long term Creative Leadership roles for London Youth Circus, Big Splash street theatre festival, Take pART literature festival and Green Man music festival. 


We thrive on collaboration with other artists and art forms and we exist because a great many companies supported us along the way. We now provide hands-on training and development for professionals, students and community members across our work.  

Citrus Arts Training

We thrive on collaboration with other artists and art forms and we exist because a great many companies supported us along the way. We want to invest in our community, and we want to support the skills and careers of people locally. We offer a training apprentice scheme with Citrus Arts. Learn what the performance and production life is like while working on our events locally, through to hands on practical skills of creating sets and working with participants and artists. Many people who have trained with us now work on tours and productions across the UK. Want to know more? Contact us on

Online / Conference Training

We work with a lot of outdoor and indoor events. We are often asked to talk about our experiences of what we do. We want to share our learning so more can benefit from our experiences. We don’t know everything, but we are willing to share our experiences of what we have encountered in our years of performing and creating outdoors.


If you would like us to advise or speak at a workshop or an event, please contact us on

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