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Receivers of the Wreck

A survivor is stranded on the shores of the near future.

In a world drowning in plastic messages are collected in bottles. 

Stories cannot be told in solitude.

Wreck Receivers, Storyline Weavers.

Messages received and understood.

"Shipwrecks - Receivers of The Wreck" by Citrus Arts (short promo)

"Shipwrecks - Receivers of The Wreck" by Citrus Arts (short promo)

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Inspired by stories of wreckers, rescues, and un-drownable sailors from the coastlines of Wales, “Shipwrecks – Receivers of The Wreck” is a post-industrial world of broken ships, scavenging, and survival where long-abandoned nets are trapping the stories and messages of those lost at sea. 

A highly physical show combining circus with dance and drama to tell a universal story of our desire for solitude against the need for collective action for the greater good. 

To our great  delight, this outdoor production's  premiere was very close to home as a part of the cultural program for the Volvo Ocean Race Stopover at Cardiff,  May 2018.